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27ft cruiser - possible sale of project or offshore build or partnership

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by rpetz, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. rpetz
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    rpetz New Member

    Here is the situation. I'm consulting with a small North American powerboat builder that has a nice, high quality 27ft boat, but is fighting with the competition and name recognition issues from the big boys and a high cost structure as the boats are built in N.A. He also has a commercial/industrial/military composites side that is booming and taking focus away from the boats and for good reason, he makes more money from that world. To that end we are interested in exploring some options:

    1. Dealer expansion to countries with no real pleasure powerboat industry i.e. Middle East, Far East, etc. Not interested in a “paper” dealer or broker deal. We want someone to commit to picking up the product and to show it off locally and lead the sales efforts. For that effort, the margin pot is much bigger than a typical broker kind of rate and we have no problem with exclusive agreements and for largish territories as long as they can cover them....

    2. Joint Venture with builder in Far East or Latin/South America which could mean:
    A. Offshore build only with the N.A. Company keeping all rights and sales and marketing
    B. Joint venture where the offshore firm takes on some of risk of sales
    C. Licensing deal, where offshore firm takes all risk and a per boat fee comes back to N.A. firm

    In the above, we would obviously be involved with transfer of the molds, etc., and in working something out to have our people onsite to assist with the project to get it going.

    3. Selling the project outright (name, goodwill, website, plugs, molds, schedules, parts and supplier contacts, etc.) which could be a good opportunity to move into powerboats or to augment an existing product line. Again, some level of support to assist would be a part of the deal....

    If any of you are in the biz in any of the capacities outlined above or have what you think would be good targets to have discussions with please let me know ASAP via an e-mail and I will forward the link to the web site so you can review the boat.

    Serious inquiries only please. As a baseline to keep out the lookyloos, the sales price we have kicked around for the whole project is in the 250-350k USD range. This is a professionally built product from a professional composites company and a premium product and brand. This is NOT some garage project and over 12 boats have been sold and delivered worldwide over the previous 24 months and they have been exhibited at major boat shows in the US and Canada....

  2. maksic
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    maksic Junior Member

    Hello Richard!

    Could you send me some pictures of your products. I am interested in cooperation with some company aboard. I have own small company and also I am Naval Architect with plan to enlarge my business,

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Fibretech
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    Fibretech Junior Member

    Building In Malaysia

    Hi Richard

    We have 30,000 sq ft workshop area based in Port Klang Malaysia. Have been operating here 10 years doing mostly local project based work on fast interceptors for local government.

    We are looking to diversify and develop 'own brand' production, have good networking and contacts in Middle East, well placed fro Distribution back to USA, Europe and Australia and can build western quality at the right price.

    Would like to see more details on your boat and discuss possible collaboration.
    Best regards
    Peter Kidd
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