24v/12v Converter for Windlass

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by SeaJay, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Many winch packages include a winch relay. Here is an example: http://dealnay.com/718920/winch-motor-reversing-solenoid-contactor-relay-6-term.html

    Basically there are 2 single pole double throw relays inside, cross wired for this specific application. For electric motors with field windings instead of permanent magnets, reversing polarity doesn't change the direction. If that is the case, only the polarity of the field windings needs to be reversed, but that requires a small modification in the electric motor.
  2. Frosty

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    Free fall just means you undo the clutch and the anchor will freefall to the depth you want.

    Ive always thought reversible was a luxury any way as your standing right above it,-- just let it out. Personally I like to have my hand on the chain and let the clutch out slowly so I can feel whats going on.

    There is so many opinions on how to anchor it deserves a thread of its own and that has been done many times.
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    Whitepointer - Not to worry. This thread got beyond my technical abilities a long time ago! Nonetheless, it is interesting and informative to read the creative solutions posted here. However, I really think the Blue Seas ACR is really the most elegant solution to my problem. One $70 component and it's done.
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    The ACR is the way to go.

    Free falling anchor is not the best way to go but if your lucky, it works.

  5. Frosty

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    You need to know when the anchor is biting Tom, feeding it out with the clutch has far better feel than pressing a button.

    All winches can free fall, its how the experienced do it.

    With free fall you know when its hit the bottom. You can not feel that from your button.
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    thanks for the replys. i agree frosty, i have been on boats that operate the winch from the dash but they have bowsprits and chain not rope. because mine is a capstan and i use chain and rope i have to stand on the bow anyway so i think i just need to fit a deck switch so i can operate the winch from there. i have never used winchs before so it's good to hear peoples views.
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    Normally you free drop from an electric windlass. Backwinding uses enormous electricity and overheats, wears the motor out fast. as for controllers , naturally you need one at the bow, but you also need a second controller at the steering wheel....this is the only way you will be able to " drive" the anchor out singlehanded.

    Be sure to install an on off switch at the wheelhouse so you are able to cut the electricilty to the complete windlass control circuit. It with ruin your day is somene accidently press's anchor down while you are steeming at sea.

    To aid single handed retrieval at the wheel, install an anchor chain counter. Its simply a piece of ferous metal burried into the chain gypsy and proximity sensor that counts gypsy revolution. very accurate . Several on the market. The "Quick anchor chain counter " model is also the wheelhouse mounted up down anchor winch controller.

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    CDK retired engineer

    That's what I thought too, but my new Lofrans winch, replacing the Simpson-Lawrence, doesn't have a freewheel clutch and there is a plastic finger pushing the chain against the sprocket wheel. Without tools, electric operation is the only option.

    Free fall seems to belong to the past. The Lofrans does have an integrated chain counter sensor but the required display is an accessory offered at a ridiculous $ 390, so I decided I do not need it.
    In the Adriatic sea there usually is enough visibility to see the anchor touching bottom.
  9. Frosty

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    I just would not buy it, no way, I know how much chain I have let out by watching it rattle out. When the missus pulls back I can feel the clutch and what pressure is on it, plus the angle its pulling at. I take a transit and when it stops,-- thats it, cut engines and put the kettle on.

    I would be interested to know what Lofrans suggest as an anchoring technique when standing in the cockpit.

    I have a remote on the bridge for haul, I get the missus to stand and point at the chain direction --I take it from there, may be give it a little tug forward when its about to break free. Work the windlass as little as possible, you seen the amps they can pull and I don't have a fuse, they are as much good as a chocolate tea pot.

    The mud? well thats another story
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    I fully agree with you, that the Blu Seas ACR will solve your problem. I don't know the product, whether it switches by hand your second 12 Volt battery parallel to the 12 Volt first bank. The batteries should be similar in condition. Should that be not be the case, an near empty/discharged second battery will be bang bang be charged by the first bank. In that case I would still consider a handfull of schottkey diodes which has a loss voltage of only 0.3 - 0.43 Volt at near maximum current.

    International Rectifier makes some very nice types.
    MBR10100 >> 10 Ampere 100 Volt , you need 9 - 10 per battery
    MBR20100 >> 20 Ampere 100 Volt , you need 4 -5 per battery
    MBR30100 >> 30 Ampere 100 Volt , you need 3 -4 per battery
    MBR40100 >> 40 Ampere 100 Volt , you need 2 -3 per battery

    It certainly will make your batteries last longer
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  11. Submarine Tom

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    I said free falling is not good. You know, the guy who picks up the anchor and chain and throws it over the side. Any form of control when lowering is preferred. I'm not going to get into an argument with anybody about it.
    If what you do works for you, then all the power to you my friend.

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  12. Frosty

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    It was'nt an argument Tom --just a forum discussion.
  13. Submarine Tom

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    Frosty I didn't say it was an argument, I said I wasn't going to get into one.

  14. Frosty

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    There is no argument so how could you get into one. Sorry Im not getting into an argument on the definition of an argument.

  15. Submarine Tom

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    What argument?

    You've got too much time on your hands Frosty, there's no arguing that!

    Anchoring has it's ups and downs and it can be a real drag...

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