2460 bayliner hull stretching

Discussion in 'Stability' started by aitkenkingfish, Dec 6, 2013.

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    Hi par

    It's a 1985. 2460 bayliner
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    Personally, I don't see any significant problems stretching this hull, at least no more then one might normally encounter during such a procedure. The OP seems capable of performing the operation, and posseses an additional hull of the same style that can be used as the basis for his project if need be. All that's really necessary is a close examination of the hull in question to determine the correct splice point to ensure the finished product has the fairest possible lines. That examination may well prove that simply extending the existing hull lines is the best possible solution, and the extra hull is redundent. If nothing else that spare hull could well be used as a test bed for the proposed extension, allowing the OP to experiment with alternatives before making any unrecoverable errors. I'm sure the last thing he wants to say is "Opps I cut off my transom, now what?".

    To tell you the truth I like the looks of of a 3ft extension, the end result would have more appealing proportions to my eye.


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    There's a fair bit more to the equation than just adding 36" of hull. The hull's volume distribution will be altered significantly. It's running surfaces will be similarly altered and it's balance will need to be accessed. I think I've posed the most reasonable method (extending the stern to a new, of course slightly smaller transom), but there are other options. Knowing what I do about this particular hull, I can tell you there's no "natural" place to make a max beam cut, to install an extension and there's no place on the extra hull that can be used in the extension, unless you just move the transom aft, where some of the extra hull's 'glass can be pieced in.
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