24' Pontoon Budget Remodel - Advice Please

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Steven Robertson, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    First post on any forum regarding a boat remodel I am embarking on. This thing is pretty damn big from my perspective and it is a do-or-die in terms of the remodel.

    Quick background: About 2 weeks ago, I approached someone who had a bunch of canoes in their backyard to inquire about purchasing one. Ended up leaving with a Pontoon boat and trailer for $50. Zero experience working on a boat, really no budget for this. It is right about 24' long with a plywood deck.

    The good:
    • The boat apparently was just really dirty and is proving to be in much better shape than initially suspected with the price tag and all. Pressure washer and all kinds of chemicals from the shop made it seem a bit more palatable.
    • Had a boat pro checkout the engine and other components; stated the engine appears to have <50 running hours on it and that just about all components like the steering wires are there.
    Done or In Progress:
    • Found some great deals on composite decking to replace the marine plywood. Not all the pieces match however once I have enough square footage collected, I'll see what I have the most of, and swap out the others. Thus far I am at $140 for about $800 in decking material so feeling good about this one.

    • I stripped, sanded, and painted one section of the fencing and did not like the result. Went ahead and busted all the rivets, threw all the fencing (not the frame) behind the shop, and purchased a White Textured FRP wall panel from Home Depot. Will cut to size, probably paint it black, and if it looks good then I'll do the rest the same way.

      Help! Any thoughts on prepping or final coating the FRP? Plan is to scuff it up, light coat plastic primer, light coat plastic primer, light coat black, medium coat black, and then some type of clear gloss protective enamel x2 right?

    The bad:
    • The furniture needs to be replaced and I am strapped on cash.
    • The wiring seems like a headache.
    Questions - Any input is appreciated, thank you!

    Furniture and upholstery.
    Again, I am really strapped cash wise, did not have this boat stuff budgeted.

    1. Framework: any thoughts on me just rebuilding the furniture framework, out of wood, of the stuff I ripped out (or) what about buying or making something like this (pictured below), and then just adding a seat platform?

    2. Upholstery. Yeah no idea how to handle this part. What is my least expensive route that will have a decent outcome? All of the foam in the current furniture seems in great condition. Paying someone to reupholster vs sourcing other ways.. any ideas?

    Tips - Lay em on!
    Guys any ideas on anything related to this project please don't hold back!
    • Any ideas on where to find junkyard boats?
    • Anyone ever thrown like car seats or some type of other seating into a boat? Outdoor furniture?
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