22' Planing Catamaran Design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Alexander Peter Bromley, May 15, 2020.

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    The dimensions of the Storm Cat I don't know of, but that sketch I did in the other thread showing the dimensions, was of the Sharkcat 560. It might be a cheap investment to buy these Storm Cat plans, seem ridiculously low price. It is strange how designs differ between countries, and the South African breed are quite different. But conditions are different, with seemingly the need to launch off the beach, in many cases, not an easy thing with cats, because they need more water that a mono to launch and retrieve.

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    AFA4432A-5D3D-4064-94B2-AE9232FA1BC2.jpeg T
    Thanks yes that sketch is very helpful and give me an idea of tunnel height.
    I’m still not sure I want to be spending money on plans and publications just a little bit short changed at the moment with all the chaos going on.

    AFA4432A-5D3D-4064-94B2-AE9232FA1BC2.jpeg 30D3A396-CFE9-4D22-B03F-CED4BCB2F93A.jpeg
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