21ft tunnel hull design questions.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Mhall, Aug 26, 2013.

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    I have talked with Jim at Aeromarine Research a good bit about my plans and I agree, the software and analysis is a must for something of this nature. I almost said to myself it will be ok if I just build it and play with the weight and balance but, then I started thinking of how quick things happen at those speeds and weight and balance can not help when a hull has a major imbalance in the lift of the aerodynamics and the padded surfaces. Again, this design is heavily based on an existing well proven 100mph + boat but to be safe I want to do the analysis.

    I have never even considered building this boat without encapsulating all the wood in epoxy. I was even against the idea of using wood until i started seeing the quality high dollar boats being built using the simple cold molding of wood with epoxy.This boat will be totally encapsulated with epoxy resin for sure. I was mostly asking what the ideal layup scheduled would be as far as making the hull strong and durable. I am leaning towards going with thicker wood to gain more strength without adding more glass. The liberator 21 that I have had a good 1" of hull thickness at the transom on the padded surfaces so, I may want to mimic that and build up some thickness as well. I understand that the thicker the core material the more strength can be gained with the same layers of glass.

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    Plywood sheathed in Biax cloth makes a very good boat. 100 mph is the problem.

    Ypou should seek Pro advice.
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