21ft Lugger for daysailing and coastal cruising

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Peter Vella, Aug 22, 2018.

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    I have been doodling a boat design that I can reasonably build in my garden so as to avoid paying rent at the boatyard and take my time building. This means length on deck must be under 7 meters to fit in my garden with reasonable space to spare and dry hull weight must be under 1 ton for trailering. I have a UK driving licence from after 1997 which limits me to 3.5 ton max train weight or a 750kg trailer if going over that. I already have some quantity of good boatskin larch for planking and some good air dried oak for the backbone. The boat is to be kept and sailed in Cardigan Bay, which is predominantly a lee shore with few deep water harbours. I would like to day sail in the Dyfi and Mawddach estruaries also, which are very shallow. Being able to dry out and stay reasonably upright would be desirable. With that in mind I have been working on the following brief:

    * Hull construction to be carvel, larch on bent oak frames, copper fastened.
    * Steel centreboard (maybe open to the idea of leeboards).
    * Internal removable ballast, in the form of cast lead pigs.
    * Rig must have short mast/s and low centre of effort.
    * Helm balance and comfort in a sea more important than speed under sail.
    * Must still have reasonable windward performance within the above limitations.

    The hull so far:
    21ft LUGGER Delftship.jpg
    LOD: 6.46 m
    LWL: 6.23 m
    Bmax: 2.24 m
    BWL: 1.85 m
    Design displacement: 1307 kg
    Design Draft: 0.46 m
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    For a sail plan I have been considering two posiblities:

    Lug Ketch - Dipping lug main, Standing lug mizzen

    * Short freestanding masts.
    * Minimal standing rigging, cheap and easy to maintain. Lower windage.
    * Dipping lug is powerful and weatherly with low centre of effort.

    * Cannot be managed singlehanded, minimum crew of 2 for trips across the bay and 3 if short tacking.
    * Not much information about dipping lugs compared to other types of sail. Considered by most people to be completely obsolete/unsuitable for pleasure sailing so few people around with experience of
    handling it or designing the sails.

    Gaff Yawl - Staysail, Gaff main, Bermudan or standing lug mizzen

    *Easily handled, especially with a boomed staysail.
    *More reefing possibilities/combination of sail.

    *more complexity/cost.
    *more windage from standing rigging.
    *more weight aloft.
    *unlikely to be as weatherly as a dipping lug.
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