21' small tugboat plans

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jackason, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Somehow I just delete this post by accident so here is condensed version repost, again.

    I was wondering if anyone is building, has built or owns any of the 21' smalltug series of boats designed by Mal Low. After looking at many designs for small workboat, small trawlers and such I came across the smalltugs.com website.

    Anyway I ordered and received the study plans which were excellent and more informative than most other project plans I've received in past.

    I really like the concept of a compact workboat, my wife say I really like it because it's a tractor on water, she is partially correct.

    I'm pretty sold on the 21' single chine "pouch" tug. I have the skills/tools to build in any of the designer suggested materials - FG, Pre-Lam, Epoxy Ply, Alum. and Steel. I'm leaning towards steel for a few reasons but heard it isn't a good choice for boats 30' and under? I'd like to hear others opinions in general before I commit to ordering a full set of plans.

    thanks -CJ
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    Hey cj. I would like to see them plans. What about cedar strip with bead and cove strips with fiberglass?? You can use 3/8 thick strips. And lay it up ?
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    A workboat?

    Hi cj. --- I’m just curious as to your future plans and use of such a vessel. Is this going to be a workboat, or a neat, beautiful, and something different, craft to cruise around in? I think it would be great to have, as it is not “Just another boat”. I am building a 19 footer that is not what is normally seen on the water, and think it is great to see other boats on the water that have “Personality”. Good Luck!!!
  4. jackason
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    yeah, I'm somewhat surprised there isn't more interest in workboats this size or at least that seems to be judging from all of the plan offerings I've seen so far.

    As far being used for a workboat I doubt that sorta, I'm looking more to explore the new england (and then some) coastline and go up some riverways, that kinda stuff. This boat just seems to find the bill. If I build it I will outfit it as much as for work as for pleasure as my budget would allow. I'm a strong believer in form follows function, besides I don't need to go 20+ knts to enjoy the water.

    What I really wanted to build originally was a sailboat something much like the GlenL 22' Amigo. There aren't many plans out there for a trailerable sailboat like that one. and my firsthand sailing experience is limited, I've had a hard time figuring out what the learning curve would be to sailing a boat that size the first time around. But with fuel prices getting higher and higher I haven't ruled out a sailboat entirerely.

  5. oceanvoyager
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    Hi CJ

    I have bought plans from Mal Low and shall start building in a few days. I like the idea, the design, the whole thing. The instructions are good and although I haven't built in steel before, I think that with a few little grey cells working and Mal's good advise I should be able to produce something resembly what he designed.
    I bought the 27 foot double chine workboat becasue that is exactly what she will be.
  6. Lafitte
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    Lafitte J. Delgado

    Steel under 30'...

    Small steel workboats are quite common in the offshore oilfield industry, as
    is of course, aluminum. We cut them on our cnc plasma system daily.

    Weight is everyones primary concern, but the numbers allow for steel hulls
    as small as 16' IF you can weld it properly.

    The main difficulty for most amateur builders is the ability to properly weld
    light guage steel.

    For all light weight steel craft with plate thinner than 12 guage steel, we
    generally use aircraft grade gas welding equipment. This produces much less warpage, and does a great job.

    When you're slamming into unknown submerged objects, there's nothing
    quite like steel.

    Best of luck
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  8. harry tams
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    Hello. Re: Mal low designs, I too have had plans for about a year. Still a bit undecided. 'Paunch 21, Pouch21. Also considering Mr Low's Porker 27. Is anyone building presently? Have any of these designs been completed? Thanks

  9. nezih ahmet
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    Dear Sir,
    I am interested in Tugs.Do you have cpowder Puf 21Ft designs?If yes I want to ask few .
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