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21' Panga (sold)

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Knarf, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Knarf
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    Knarf Junior Member

    For Sale: Beautiful Wood Boat (HULL ONLY)

    21' Tiburon Panga (Designed by: Spira International)

    Boat is in GREAT condition. Gently used and stored under cover. Hull is made of AC Fir plywood, fiberglassed and epoxy-coated. Graphite applied under the water line. Epoxy paint on the floor. High-quality exterior paint on the decks, gunnels and sidewalls. Those areas are also coated with Deck Restore from Rustoleum. The sole is Cedar with a Penofin stain finish. There is ample storage on this boat. Fuel economy is approximately 7mpg with a Yamaha 70 hp, 4 stroke. Speed 33-34mph wide-open throttle with 2 people, fishing gear and 2 pups. It cruises nice around 22-25mph. Handles chop well. I hate to sell it but I am building a new boat. Price: $2800.
    (This is for the HULL only, no motor, no trailer, etc)

    Complete boat setup is available with a 75hp Mercury 2 stroke, Baystar hydraulic steering, teleflex controls and a single axle Aluminum trailer (oil bath hubs) for $8500

    Here is a short video of it on the water:

    And a link to more pictures:
    Dropbox - Panga 2020 - Simplify your life https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z6e3gwsex3w3l9u/AAD572QcvUAT1L-_kM3l_aT4a?dl=0

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  2. Knarf
    Joined: Nov 2019
    Posts: 12
    Likes: 3, Points: 3
    Location: North Alabama

    Knarf Junior Member

    Boat is sold
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