~20foot light costal cruiser

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by feunatz, Nov 8, 2016.

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    this is my first post here and one of my first steps in finding a boat building project for 2017-18.

    Key features I'm looking for:
    -6-8m LOA(19-26ft)
    -Good(great) trailerability, since i have to get it out every time
    -Empty Weight < 1200kg/2600lbs
    -Sleeping for 2adults+child
    -Modern design
    -Availability of CAD Plans or basic CNC Kit(shipped to Austria)
    -Mostly inland lake usage(lake constance), but some costal mediteranian usability would be nice.

    I've taken a look at the Lion600/800 designs. they do look very nice. But afaik they have never been built(800 is Wip) and they have a bit much cabin space and not to much on deck storage.

    Stylingwise I do like the SIXfor4, Seascape24 or Start60/80 but they could be a bit more performance then i really need an can handle. At least with family on board and not a sailing crew.

    One boat i do like it the Gade LIS6.0(German constructor)
    There are no plans for this one but I'm told it can be bought as raw bodyshell. Practical but the looks are just not my cup of tea.

    I can do PLY/Glasfiber or Glasfiber handlay construction.

    Thanks for any input on my search an best regards
  2. RHP
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    If you're not fixed building your own, look at the Manta 19 or Prelude 19 which are 1970's designs, cheap as chips and do a great job. usually a few available in the UK etc..
  3. feunatz
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    feunatz Junior Member

    Thanks, just had a look they really are crazy cheap. Function is mostly there, but for the slipways here they do sit very high on a trailer, even with swingkiel. The design screams 70s(like the LIS 6.0 I mentioned) I'd like it to look at least 2010ish.(Plumb Bow would be aprechiated)

    Currently I'm fixed to build my own, but if I'm unable to find suitable Plans/Kits I'll maybe have to restore/modify a existing boat.
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