2009 USA Wharram Winter Rendezvous

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    December 11-13, 2009
    Peanut Island, Lake Worth Inlet, Florida, USA

    Greetings, Wharram Enthusiast!
    If you like Wharram Boats and would like to enjoy a weekend with Wharram builders, owners, and enthusiasts now is your chance!

    The 2009 Winter Florida Wharram Rendezvous, sponsored by the Polynesian Catamaran Association (PCA-SeaPeople), is scheduled for the second weekend in December (December 11-13) at beautiful Peanut Island in the Lake Worth Inlet in West Palm Beach, Florida ( www.pbcgov.com/parks/peanutisland/ )

    Peanut Island is an eighty acre tropical park situated in the Intracoastal Waterway near the Lake Worth Inlet in close proximity to Singer Island, Riviera Beach Marina and the Port of Palm Beach. The park provides numerous recreational opportunities including fishing, snorkeling, and swimming in the beautiful clear waters that surround the island. It also provides a dock, good anchorage, nature trails, beach camping (depending on the tides), barbeque pits and freshwater shower and bathroom facilities.
    And... for those of you traveling by car...there is inexpensive water taxi service from nearby Riviera Beach Marina and Sailfish Marina on Singer Island.

    The rendezvous is always a fun event…only a Saturday night dinner is formally planned. Otherwise it’s just visit, look and talk. Good people, nice chats, looking over boats, plans and pictures. Telling good stories, horror stories and just tall tales. Bring your pictures if you can’t bring your boat. If you can’t bring a boat or pictures, then just bring yourself! We usually start early and go late…as long as the conversation is interesting. And, there are rumors that grog has been shared to toast the end of hurricane season! Simply stated, we have a lot of fun.

    We’ll be sending more information on transportation, lodging, restaurants, etc. in the next email.

    Please pass this information on to anyone else whom you think would be interested in attending this event. Then forward their email address on to us at floridawharramrendezvous@hotmail.com for the master list. The email list will only be used for Wharram events and information…we will not give away or sell the list. Thanks.

    Hope to see you this year! for more info contact David 561 -632-BOAT david@boatsmithfl.com
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