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2009 Battle Wagon 18 FT Center Console

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by NJChris, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. NJChris
    Joined: Dec 2008
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    Location: New Jersey

    NJChris Junior Member

    :idea: 2009 Battle Wagon 18 FT Center Console(Lifetime Structural Warranty!) Powered by a 90hp 2 stroke Mercury outboard (only 25 hours!) (warranty until 2010), 49.7 MPH top speed!! The BW 18 boasts a superior dry and stable ride in rough or calm seas. The 15.5 degree dead rise provides a soft comfortable ride. The wide hull chines create amazing stability underway as well as at rest or at drift. The 7ft beam allows for plentiful interior space. Teleflex steering, Mercury controls w/ power trim. 500gph Rule Automatic bilge pump, navigation lights, cockpit lighting, aluminum upholstered leaning post. 28 gallon fuel tank. 21in aluminum propeller. Sea Lion roller trailer. 4 hull cleats and 3 hull D rings. **BOAT IS LOCATED NEAR: Atlantic City, NJ.
    (08402) Awesome riding dry stable and fast, nothing in its class can match it!! Runs offshore with larger boats and beats them to the dock!

    will customize to suit your needs. motivated seller!

    phone 856-904-1961

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  2. Eagle Boats
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    Eagle Boats Senior Member

    Chris, how many of these boats have you built?
  3. NJChris
    Joined: Dec 2008
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    Location: New Jersey

    NJChris Junior Member

    Hi eagle, a few to keep us working, I have not tried very hard to market, however the ride of this 18 is just amazing-dry and soft! The boat sells itself!

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