2005 stingray exhaust manifolds

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by Bushay, Jun 7, 2021.


What to do?

  1. Replace

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  2. CLR or thinner to soak.

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  1. Bushay
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    Bushay New Member

    Saw small drops of water when I bought it. Took it out 3 times perfect. Lost power and excessive noise last time out. Pulled riser and exhaust starboard side. Thunder EMI’s. Can I soak these in CLR, lacquer thinner or what instead of replacing?
  2. kapnD
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    kapnD Senior Member

    A good soaking in $100 bills should do it!
  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    You may have to rebuild that engine since it ingested water.
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