2002 Ship Production Symposium - Call for Papers

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    The 2002 Ship Production Symposium, co sponsored by NSRP, will be held September 25-26, 2002 in Boston, Massachusetts. The theme of the symposium is: "United We Stand...People, Processes and Tools Coming Together in a New Culture." This marks the first time the Ship Production Symposium and the SNAME Annual Meeting/International Maritime Expo will be held together.

    Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts on the following topics, which also reflect the interests of the NSRP Panes and the Strategic Investment Plan of the Shipbuilding Industry. Papers should relate their topic to a systems approach or a systems perspective that address interface or cross boundary interactions.
    -Shipyard Production Process Technologies
    -Systems Technologies
    -Business Process Technologies
    -Product Design and Material Technologies
    -Facilities and Tooling
    -Crosscut Initiatives
    -Surface Preparations and Coatings

    Deadline Dates:
    Abstract Due 1 February 2002
    Abstract Acceptance Notification 1 March 2002
    Draft Papers due 1 May 2002
    Final Acceptance Notification 1 June 2002
    Completed Paper due 1 August 2002

    Address for Enquiries
    Dr. Clifford Whitcomb
    Ship Production Symposium & Expo 2002
    c/o MIT Sea Grant College Program
    Room E38-300, 292 Main Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139-4309, USA
    Tel. 617-253-9309. Fax 617 253-5730
    Email: whitcomb@mit.edu
    Our website is: http://www.sname.org/sps2002.htm

    Details of the technical program, registration, and travel information will be distributed in January and will be posted on the SNAME Web site http://www.sname.org/sps2002.htm
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