200 & 400 hp diesel outboards

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    Bombardier/Evinrude now makes a 200 hp eTec called the eTec MFE, for multi-fuel engine. It will run on diesel, JP4, JP5, JP8, #1 kerosene, or unleaded 87 octane gasoline, and can change from one fuel to another just by turning the fuel selector switch. It is currently available only to the US Military, but to be available to the public in 2010. The eTec MFE is also available in 35, 65, and 90 hp versions.

    Mercury has two engines, a 200 hp 500 lb. multi-fuel version of the Optimax, which will burn all of the above except gasoline and is also designed for the Navy. The reccommended fuel is JP4. It is available to the public now.

    Mercury has also designed and built a 400 hp, 380 lb total weight turbine outboard developed in partnership with MTT, which is still in testing, using a Rolls/Allison series 250 turbine.
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