2 stroke kawasaki motor cycle not used for 40 years

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by Barry E Blank, Apr 16, 2021.

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    Barry E Blank New Member

    I just acquired a 1972 kawasaki 92 motorcycle. It has not been started in over 40 years. The gas was not drained but the tank is empty.
    Any advice or suggestions on the steps to take or Maintenence I should do before trying to start it?

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    Yes, pull the plugs and get some "fogging" fluid in there.
    Do this every day for a week and then try and turn the engine over by hand, with a wrench on the crankshaft if you can.
    There's lots more you can do, but that's a minimum. Google it.
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    A motorcycle instead of a boat forum would make more sense.

  4. kapnD
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    That’s a classic, and looks to be in good shape!
    You should probably pull the carb, disassemble and clean it up, the throttle slide will typically be stuck or at least sticky, and there’ll be residue in the bowl, and possibly a stuck float.
    Flush out the tank and petcock, replace fuel hose.
    I think that Kawasaki may have a “rotary valve” on the intake rather than reed valves, either case, make sure intake mechanism is good, old reed valves do get brittle, and will make trouble if ingested.
    You might want to find some non-ethanol gas for it.
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