2 person human powered boat questions???

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by neonguy07, Apr 4, 2015.

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    Hello all first post on here so forgive me if I miss something or sound stupid explaining..but that's why I'm here...so I've had this idea of building my hpv/b for awile now I'm puting plan to action.after researching the crap out of this internet always brings me here. So hopefully your wisdom and experise will help my dreams become somethn of reality

    Ok 1st I'm considering doing either a dual hull 1 person sitting on each hull and having their own drive or the trimaran design like greg k. Critical power 2.

    2nd Drive situation is an iffy if I do dual hull I could do 2 right angle drives but I like the idea of the design were both engines face each other like the imperator by hamburg university..if anyone has the plans for that system please show me I have no clue how it works!!! Rather do that then 2 twist chain drives

    Hull design..I seen the imperator has a bulbous hull? I've read they aren't very efficient for small craft??? True/false or just keep the straight edge design?

    Well I have tons more ?'s but il settle for now with these as its more important for me to finalise my idea thank you everyone and thanks for having me.
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    Use the search function to find Pedal Powered boats. There was a huge thread about this subject a while back. If memory serves (sometimes it does not) Rick Willoughby was one of the important contributors. He has extensive experience and several builds with pictures, technical subjects, and more. There were also a number of others who were singing from the same hymnbook.
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    neonguy07 Junior Member

    Awesome Is that his username also can I search that way? I will def look into it if I can find the post he's had cuz no offense there are thousands of material in this forum!!! But thank you I fell newby now not doin that first
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    and 1st post is by Rick. He has since retired from here so the name is now guest something...
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    Rick Willoughby, who started the Pedal Powered Boats thread, designed Critical Power 2. it is essentially his V11 design which can be found here, along with some of his other designs:


    Rick seriously knows his stuff with pedal powered boats. His designs will be very hard to beat for efficiency, and speed.

    You do need to decide what you want the boat to do though.

    What conditions will it operate in? How many people will it carry? how will it be transported? etc.

  7. neonguy07
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    Thank you everyone for the input im on page 7 of 101 on that thread lol so before i ask more questions il try to finish this off...but to answer urs tiny i know im going for efficiency conditions may rough (illinois river) capacity would b great with 2 people but il settle for myself if it efficiency..i can always build another lol and transport no biggy im pretty good at makin crap...says the garage full of it
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