2 Part Polyurethane Vs. Gelcoat

Discussion in 'Materials' started by IMPROP, May 30, 2006.

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    Does Anyone Have Any Opinions Regarding The Following Issue.

    I Have Just Completed Substantial Hull Repair On My Boat After A Jet Ski Hit The Side. Needless To Say, There Was Quite A Bit Of Epoxy Repair Needed To Fix. I Am To A Point Now That I Must Make A Decision About Painting Myself Or Having Someone Else Do Professionally. My Boat Is Yamaha, (2 Jet Boat) Ls2000. The Hull Is Done In Gelcoating.

    I Have Purchased A 2 Part Paint To Try To Match Color. Now I Found A Pretty Good Match From Interlux Perfection, 2 Part Paint. I Was Concerned That If I Just Paint The Repair Would The Gloss Of This Paint Not Match The Gelcoat Color? Should I Use A Flattening Agent?
    Or Could Gelcoat Be Done On Just The Repaired Area.

    I Spoke To The Yamaha Dealer And They Can Do The Gelcoat Repair Work That I Need Done.

    Anyone Have Any Takes On 2 Part Poly Paint, Or Should I Just Bite The Bullet And Do The Gelcoating. Is There Any Advice To Painting That Would Help. Sorry For Long Post, Lots Of Questions.

    Thanks For Any Advice, Improp
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    If the repair was done with epoxy, then gel coat really isn't an option, gel coat won't bond well to epoxy. While you can get a fairly good match with paint in the begining, gel coat and paint will weather and age at a different rate, so after a while the repair will stand out. Can the repaired area be part of a new paint scheme? If so, then you can use the two part paint and not worry about a good match or weathering.
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