2.5 HP Suzuki Outboard statistics..

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    I just got back from a minivacation on Georgian Bay..
    I traveled 116km in 2 days in my canoe...
    I was testing out my new 2.5hp suzuki outboard i installed on the canoe i built a few years ago..
    The boat fully loaded wieghed 400lbs 1/4oz...
    I had 1 litre oil containers full of fuel i kept dumping in everytime it ran out..
    On 1 Litre of fuel i averaged:
    Distance 24.325
    Speed 9.3 km
    Time moving 2:36
    MAx speed 13.125 km
    The views were awesome...
    Hercules had a great time and thinks this place is the best place in the world to play...
    This was my bed for a few nights...it was amazing to watch the meteor shower...a meteorite was falling at about every 5 seconds for awhile...like my own personal fireworks display...
    I even had time to stop at Henry's world famous Fish and Chips out on one of the islands...busy place 4 float planes took off while i was eating my pickeral dinner...
    The rock formations from erosion are interesting to look at...hard to imagine anything that could wear the granite into these wierd designs..
    Have a great summer all...
    Time to go out camping again...see you all in a few days..
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    Absolutely fantastic

    this is the kind of adventure that makes me green with envy

    no frikken way do you even THINK of doing such a thing in my country

    they will steal EVERYTHING as they get their filthy paws on you, and you stand a 50/50 chance of losing your life

    great adventure
    thanks for the info and pics
    do it again soon:cool:
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