2-2.5cm fiberglass tape

Discussion in 'Materials' started by mrdebian, Jun 17, 2023.

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    Hi all,

    I'm struggling to find a fiberglass tape ideally at 2cm or 2.5cm in the worst case that is not very "fragile". That means it doesn't fall into pieces with a little bit of stretching.
    Ideally the tape should be anything between 175-240gr
    I found a good one in Denmark in one of my recent trips there but the supplier does not ship abroad.
    Anyone with a link/suggestion?

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    IMG_0592.jpeg Getting that low on fabric weight doesn't offer much ito tows and a woven only offers strength in half of its tows, so you are basically trading down from a 200g tape and getting a 100g tape.

    I am planning an ultralight build and found some colored biax light tapes; but not sure if they will hold their shape.

    Soller CompositesTapes https://www.sollercomposites.com/Tapes.html

    I also have this product on hand and it is pretty stable for transferring wet. You have to cut it, but it has stitching on about 5mm spacing, so for a 20mm tape; you get 3 or 4..

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