1986 winner zz880 replacing floor

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    I am in the process of replacing the floor. Found the floor to be covered with a thin layer of fiberglass. Looks to be part of the floor has already been replaced. The boat has fiberglass stringers. My question is should I cover it back with fiberglass after replacing to be honest if there is no major disadvantage of not doing it I would rather not. My plan is to cover the floor with a textured paint or bedliner. Also do I need to add any extra supports before removing the rest of the floor or is that only when replacing the stringers. The rest of the boat is solid we have been using it for awhile just found a few soft spots in the floor. Thanks for any advice and help.

    Alright any help would be great. I am trying to replace the floor found that the floor has a thin layer of fiberglass over the plywood. Is there anything special I should do before removing and do I have to cover it back with fiberglass. My plans are to use a textured paint or bedliner and I would rather not get into refiberglassing of I don't have to.
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