1983 Hunter 22 Questions

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Greg Rogers, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Greg Rogers New Member

    Just bought an'83 Hunter 22 with swing keel. She sat on her trailer for the last five or six years. Two questions:
    1. Installed bilge pump in shallow well under steps. Where is the design dischage point for the effluent? Can I tie it into the galley sink drain and its thru hull without the bilge flowing into the sink? How best to avoid siphoning of the discharge back into the boat if the galley sink thru hull is used?
    2. Since launching the boat last week, there has been slow but steady water ingress. I have visually checked the three thru hulls (galley sink, cockpit drain and one up front for a knotmeter transducer) and can see no water coming in. What else could be the cause? Keel pin? How does one access this to check? Any other thoughts?
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    You should have a separate discharge hose for the bilge pump. Firstly for safety, the water could backflow through the sink instead of pumping out. Secondly, the bilge water may make your sink stink.
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