1982 Evinrude 70 hp 3 cyl - NO spark

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by MDCHILDS, Sep 19, 2011.

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    1982 Evinrude 70 hp 3 cyl - NO spark of any form - engine turns over, fuel to the cylinder (wet plug) but there is no spark

    Took the plug out, grounded it and observed no spark of any kind - what is the likely problem --- I have not got into checking anything yet but my limited knowledge suggests working backwards - check the safety kill switch to see if it is shorted or malfunctioning, disconnect it and try - if no spark, OK this is where I get totally lost.

    Does anyone own one of these motors / experienced the same problem?
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    faulty key and or kill switch will do this
    Fastest test is to un plug the loom at the motor and then jump the starter solenoid to crank it and see if you get spark
    make sure all plugs out
    Its the black yellow wire from the powerpak that gets shorted to ground to stop the engine
  3. tunnels

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    Had the same problem and replaced the ignition switch and away it went with a hiss and a roar .Theres a mile to much current going through the switch and the switch wont handle the load for long . i was intended to fit a couple of Relays to carry the load but sold the motor for a yamaha instead .
    OMC is renowned for the ignition switchs giving problems . The solenoid for the starter was another thing also so changed to a standard automotive and the problem went away for ever . The contacts in the omc are to small and fizz in a very short time . I always carried a screw driver under the hood to short across the terminals when it wouldnt work . Got used many times if we were skiing and lots a stop start during the day .
    I ended up taking the solenoid to bits to find out why they kept crapping out so quickly . :confused::idea::D
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