1977 clipper craft rebuild

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by jaycole, Oct 8, 2009.

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    jaycole oregon slabs

    Hi Everyone, I just picked up a 26 foot clipper craft and it needs some work. The trailer its on has rollers that are rusted in place. That caused the bottom to worp in transport and the floor to pop up. How do I fix the floor? I tried jacking it up from the back and the floor will not go back to normal. Any help would be great. This is my first wood boat and I want it ready for halibut next year.
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    From your description there is major structural damage. You need to start disassembling everything that is out of shape until you can brace, wedge, etc. the hull to its original shape. Then you can start reassembly using whatever parts are still good. Wood can be boiled or steam bent back to shape.
  3. Gilbert
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    It's plywood.
  4. jaycole
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    jaycole oregon slabs

    Yes it is plywood. I think the first step I need to take is to fix the trailer. The bow in the bottom of the boat is only about 2 inches in and maybe 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. I am wondering if I can weight it down from the inside and just put some screws through the bottom into the joices? Then apoxy and wood flour over them. Is there an easy way to glass the bottom without turning the boat over?

  5. PAR
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    Rollers against wooden planks have ruined more boats, then you can shake a stick at.

    The boat needs to come off the trailer and be blocked up properly. Since the planking has taken a "set" it's probable that you'll not be able to remove this set easily or quickly.

    At this point pictures will be most helpful, but you'll likely have to make repairs to several areas within the boat, before you can have the shape she's designed to have back. What types of repairs and how to do them, depends on what wrong, which we can't tell without pictures.
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