1976 Imp

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    HELP! 1976 Imp

    I just purchased a 1976 IMP AZTEC I guess it's about 20-23 ft long. I know it has a 302 V8 with omc Stern drive. Don't know much about the boat except it has been in dry storage since 1993. The boat is in like new condition interior and out. I can't find the dip stick to check the oil or where to drain the oil. I also have not been able to lower the sern to the down position but the tilt and trim work. I would like to know how to proceede from here. I don't want to tear anything up. Should I take the boat to a Marina and have the impellers replaced in the stern drive or what. The motor fired right up even with 14 year old gasoline in it. Someone please help and what kind of boat is the IMP aztec good or bad
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