1971 34' Nautaline outboard conversion project

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by George Bird, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. George Bird
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    George Bird New Member

    I have a 1971 Nautaline and have removed the old motor and outdrive. Have patched the transom making a plug for the old outdrive hole with marine ply and fiberglass. The existing transom is a solid 2" thick which amazed me. Planning on adding a small outboard so that I can get her around the marina and take her across the harbor. Seen a few conversions that have loaded the boats up with dual 90-110 outboards, which is a lot more power than needed. Any suggestions on a single outboard solution would be great. Thank you.
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Welcome to the Forum George.

    Here is a link (for reference) to a Nautaline 34 that is for sale.
    Boats for Sale - Inland Harbor Marina, Waterloo NY https://www.inlandharborwaterloo.com/74nautaline.html

    And here is a photo I found on line of one with a 70 hp O/B motor on a bracket.

    Nautaline 34 with O-B motor.jpg

    Do you just want to have a single engine big enough to potter around Boston Harbour with?

    It would be worth noting that if you have two small O/B motors on brackets (or one large bracket), instead of a single O/B motor, and the engines are spaced as far apart as possible, then your manoeuvering ability will be much enhanced.
  3. George Bird
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    George Bird New Member

    Thanks so much for the images and the advice. Just looking to putter around boston harbor and mostly be able to say that she is able to navigate around a marina under her own power if necessary.

  4. fallguy
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    Well, looks like they added a pod on the one Martin showed us.

    The issuse is the transom is probably flat pr too high to tip and u don't want to leave the ob in the salt, so you need a way to tip it up.
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