1970 tiderider 19.1ft engine question

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by phil2besure, Aug 3, 2008.

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    hello all and thanks for looking....i bought this boat from an older fellow who wasnt doing so well...the boat sat for about 2 years so things needed to be replaced....has a newer tank.rebuilt carb plugs ect....it fires up fine and purrs my question is there is 2 hoses that are for the antifreeze...i know one is a draw ect...im not sure if i have them on backwards or not i was wondering there is a diagram or something i could view...im not that great with all the boat parts yet but im learning..also i noticed there is really no way for me to check the coolant level...i just filled the one hook up until it overflowed..when i sent the boat in for service for oil ect..they told me there was a dead spot in my trim but when i put the new battiers in the thing goes up and down fine...not sure if they were trying to get more money ect....i have been doing alot of work myself bc its a basic 4 cycle chevy motor...pretty much the same one i had in my 1977 chevy malibu station wagon just a smaller motor....also is there or should i grease the cables for the steering ect? and at what points...thanks so much for u help...if there is a free online diagram i can look at or manuel that would be great i found one on ebay but they wanted liek 20 bucks thanks again
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