1969 orlando clipper

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by cassanova, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Drain plug

    I use a 1/2" live well plug for my Clipper. Works great.
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    My new Clipper

    I just bought what I believe is a 1958 16' Orlando Clipper. Owner does not have the title and I am in the process of getting one thru the state.

    I have a couple of questions that maybe the people in here might help me with.

    Is there a way to tell what year model it is?
    Is there a VIN, serial # or some type ofnumberassigned to each hull? Location if such exist.
    If anyone has one similar, do you now the max HP?
    I know this is request is a long shot, but does anyone have a windshield?

    Thanks in advance, and hope to be on here a lot.


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    Clipper Boat Plug

    [I think I found a solution by using a PVC 3/4" threaded adapter to a 1" slip fit. By placing an O-Ring over the threads and a 1" PVC slip plug glued to the 1" slip fit side of the threaded plug. The 3/4" to 1" provides a wide flange to compress the O-Ring to seal it.

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    Hi there. I am looking at buying one of these engines.

    Can you tell me please if the Honda 15 (the one shown in the picture) has a tilt tube ready for cable steering and if you had to buy any more parts to accomodate the steering.

    Also, what Honda control box are you using? Is this engine compatible with most honda side control boxes? Was it easy to link up to the engine?

    How did you go about relocating the kill cord to the control box?

    Many thanks for your help.
  5. scenic
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    You may have to use an engine adapter to raise the 20" shaft up to prevent too much drag when it is too deep in the water. I have one installed on the picture you looked at. If your transom is 20 " there is no need.

    I used a Honda steering kit which came complete with all easy bolt on parts to hook up tele-flex steering to. I purchased a Honda control box with built in ignition and electric choke. It also has a built in kill cord that comes with it. I think that there is a control box below the model I chose that does not come with the ignition switch built in. I would recommend one with the built in switch. The instructions and diagrams that came with the kits made it pretty easy to install. The shifting cable and throttle cable have to be ordered to length and require an extra loop of about a foot to accommodate the steering movement.

    Here is a link that may help you in finding the correct parts needed for your motor http://www.boats.net/
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    Jack plate for your motor you wrote about


    I have a jack plate that would help you for that long shaft motor. I had a merc 700 with a 20'' shaft on my 12' orlando clipper and I used this jack plate to lift it high enough to get my moneys worth out of the motor.. This jack plate is simple and it works, I had it on craigs list for 50 smackers.. I live in orlando too, actually Altamonte springs. Here is my email, email me and I will send you some pics if you are interested... tm100@yahoo.com

    Just got another Orlando Clipper a few months ago, a 16' 1961, Im puttin some serious work into this one and hopefully it will be as nice as my last one, the 12'. I sold it to another Orlando Clipper Enthuisast! Phyllis is in a god home now!!! Anybody interested in starting an Orlando CLipper Club? I will post pic's as soon as I can!

    Yall take care!
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    Clipper info

    Hello all. New to this. Back in 2000 I purchased a 1954 Orlando Clipper. Fourteen footer, three seats, closed bow, 15 hsp Johnson. Nice sturdy boat built tough and strong. Rivets in it like an aircraft. I have run up on logs in the Wekiva river and no dents. It will plain with two people and my dog but harder for three people.
    My boss wants to buy it. Or he wants me to buy his 40hsp and put it on the boat. I use to think that too much engine but not since reading some these posts.
    I have used a regular rubber plug in the bottom and in works well. I had a bilge pump which worked great when water splashes over the side during turning. My transom needs some work. I haven't registered it since 2010. I think it's a sin to have a boat and be too busy to use it. I am hoping to motivate and put her back in the water.
    So far I think I have mentioned the oldest year 1954. She's 62 this year and that is the year I was born. In fact I'll be 54 this month. How's that for reasons to motivate and fix her up. My trailer is really rusted out. Anybody have a decent trailer for a 14 footer?
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Welcome to the forum.

    In our area, trailers are everywhere, but if you want a good one, with a title, working bearings, jack, etc., try B&G Trailers over on International Speedway. You can get cheap and ready or fully dressed used trailers. You'll pay a premium for one, but it'll work and it'll not crap the bad on the way home, like a private sale often can on a well used trailer that seems a good deal. Go there in person and work a deal.
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    New to Forum With a Question

    So - I see an abundance of Orlando Clipper owners from - well - the Orlando area. I'm nowhere near there - Greetings from sunny, humid, Iowa! One of these beauties showed up here, would you believe!

    I just purchased for a song a new (to me) boat. It's an Orlando Clipper by name plate, and I believe it to be a 1956 model. The number stamped on the back is 56-14-1024 which I gather to mean that it was manufactured in 1956, is 14ft., and product number (serial #?) 1024. Is that correct?

    If that's the case, how do I find out what it's rated for as far as motor? The best I can figure out is that it's either 20hp or 50hp, based on whether it's a Zephyr or a Custom Zephyr. How would I know?

    My first steps are to power wash it and clean it out really well so I can see what I'm dealing with. I'm gathering that this boat has quite the following so my intent is going to be restoring to as close to original as possible. Any suggestions from someone who has done it before?

    It came with what I'm told is a 1969 Johnson 40hp motor (so I hope I have the Custom Zephyr! :confused: ) that I haven't tried to start yet, and that's one of my biggest concerns at this point.

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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    You can play with that antique motor if you want, but consider a newer model if it's in the budget. Boats of this type are simply valued, by their engine, electronics and controls. The boat and trailer are basically free, from a value point of view.

    The major concern with these hulls are the seam rivets, the floor rivets and the transom. It's probable the transom needs to be replaced, which isn't very difficult, but loose, leaking and broken rivets will drive you nuts searching them down and getting things sealed up tight again. Corrosion is another concern, particularly if fasteners were used that didn't get along well with aluminum or water.

    If you can provide the length of the boat and the max width of the transom, I can provide a reasonable guide to your maximum outboard size. Typically these were rated at 35 - 40 HP, which will make a lightly load one fly pretty good.
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