1969 North American S-19

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    I was given a 1969/70 North American Boat Company Sunchaser S-19, model number HUFM-19. I understand that it had a 6 cyc in it originally but now has an OMC cobra V8.

    I was hoping someone could give me some insight into these boats in general. How do they ride? I've spent some time on a Bertram 20' that I was rather fond of - how does this boat compare as far as ride and seaworthiness?

    My thoughts are to use it as a family project for me and the boys if it ends up being in 'ok' shape overall. I'm comfortable with fiberglass work having built a few small stitch and glue boats, and working on the inboard motor doesn't seem scary (I've rebuilt a few motors)- the outboard I know nothing about, but I'm pretty confident that if I can find a manual for it I can rebuild the parts that need it (less confident I will know what parts need it).

    Anyway, thoughts?

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    I see the fins on the cavation plate.
    The 6 cyl engine is rather heavy and putting the 8cyl in may have been a mistake.
    I suspect these boats were much like the Glass Ply.
    I remember the magazine adds for this boat.
    The pics show much less deadrise than the Bertram.
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