1964 starcraft biscanye help

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    I need help with a support issue.

    I picked up my project from sitting in the woods for the past 20yrs and after sitting on a roller trailer for a couple weeks I noticed the hull on the aft rollers was getting warped. I cut the thin fiberglass deck away and noticed all stingers are basically gone and the hull has not strength.
    I need help with how to support the hull so I can get inside to start repairing the stringer. I have looked at doing the boat stands but i don't think that will support the middle so much while also mainting the original lines and have also thought about converting trailer to a bunker trailer style for flater more weight distribution and support is located near center.
    Please help me with more ideas or ways you have overcome this issue so I can start glossing this up and get it on the water please and thank you.

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    You need to bunk it alright. Build the bunking above the rollers. You can pipe strap or u bolt some lumber and then raise the bunks up above the rollers. When you are ready; remove the boat or raise it then remove bunking.
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