1964 Flying Junior Needs Help Badly !!

Discussion in 'Materials' started by MEJETSKI2000, Jul 6, 2009.

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    I'm pretty much rebuilding this boat as age and structural injuries over time have rendered it unsafe (yes, really). The centerboard well is the worst area, with the inner "liner" suffering from water invasion thru the gelcoat and has rotted badly in the rear of the opening. The fiberglass at the bottom of the well has cracked due to water freezing (in Maine everything freezes). The foam core was completely saturated and removed to aid drying.

    I'm wondering if I should use the old well (removing intact) as a mold or if I should look into making a new well out of fiberglass sheeting and going that way instead. Another option would be to re-core the well and use the foam as a backing for new mat or cloth perhaps. I've never "worked" molds but I'm comfortable laminating and working glass. All the components are made up with mat / cloth, no "plastics" thankfully. The hull is completely dry (after 2 years) so I'm ok to proceed now I believe. Thanks, Pete in Maine
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