1960's Sea Skimmer Watercraft Wanted

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Dave Gruenwald, May 20, 2010.

  1. Dave Gruenwald
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    Dave Gruenwald New Member

    I am looking to buy an old Sea Skimmer watercraft. These were VERY unusual watercraft made in the early 60's. You held onto it and it towed you through the water. You steered with your legs. They were an absolute BLAST.

    Does anyone know where I might buy one in ANY condition? I am attaching a picture for those of you who have never heard of this forerunner to the jetski!

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  2. Terri Davis
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    Terri Davis New Member

    For history on this Sea Skimmer/Aqua Skimmer/Aqua Dart - see the wikipedia page Sea Skimmer, Aqua Skimmer, Aqua Dart - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Skimmer,_Aqua_Skimmer,_Aqua_Dart
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