1960 48' steel Ketch what did i just buy?!?!

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by oliverj, Aug 20, 2012.

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    It is currently sitting on the dry, I was just on it today. Rudder is still locked up. foot and a half water in bilge with water leaking out of rust through spots in hull. Some cut out spots on the bow just above waterline, with some layered 3/16 you could patch it all up in a weekend. Diesel oil is still good, despite the water that is up to the engine mounts. wood all throughout is in good. The marina owns it now, I'm looking into my options to move it south the Hampton, Virginia for a full refit.
  2. Campbadook
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    The bow is plated over an inch thick at centerline, its a real ice breaker!
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    Not to be insulting or anything, but being able to weld and being able to tell the condition of a boat are different things. Like, a certified marine surveyor can expertly tell the condition of a boat and not have the slightest idea how to weld and vice versa.

    I would hazard a guess the previous owner never sailed it to the Bahamas because reality set in, it became an overwhelming project and he ran out of money just paying the yard fees and abandoned it. That would be why the yard owns it. If he never even got the rudder freed, I imagine next to nothing ever got worked on or rectified.

    The yard owns it and they haven't even bothered to drill a few easily patchable holes in it to keep it from filling with water is something to think about.

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    Makes you wonder how many "owners" that boat has gone thru...
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