1958 evinrude fastwin rebuild

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by sean-nós, May 12, 2012.

  1. sean-nós
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  2. BPL
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    BPL Senior Member

    Outstanding restoration job sir! Boy that looks nice and brings back good memories.
  3. SheetWise
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    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

  4. souljour2000
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    Nice job.! Makes me want to do a better job on the 1981 Johnson 4.5 hp seahorse I am working on presently but I'd honestly be worried it might get stolen if it looked half as good as that Evinrude...when I was done..

  5. valvebounce
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    valvebounce Senior Member

    Inspirational,great job,you must have the patience of Jobe.
    I have a 1964 18hp fast twin that I've been sorting out,seeing the results you have achieved has certainly inspired me into getting on with the job.
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