1953 45 Ft Double Cabin Flying Bridge

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    Hello all. I am considering on taking on a huge project and restoring a 1953 45ft DCFB. Most of the controls and gauges are missing, inside planing is soft and is in poor shape. The previous owner has done most of the hull but for the most part the whole hull needs to be done again to be a complete restoration.

    Does anyone know where I can get the controls and gauges to redo this boat? The real question I suppose is this a boat with restoring. Not able to find out too much about this as I think that there were only 33 built.

    Would love to hear some thoughts from others.

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    Did I miss it or did you not include what boat this is? Do you have detailed pics? I don't know what you mean by "did the hull". If the paneling is soft, you need to find the leaks that made it that way before installing new. Yes, include pictures.
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    1953 Chris Craft 53' Double Cabin Flying Bridge

    Wow. How could I forgotten that. It is a 1953 Chris Craft 53' Double Cabin Flying Bridge. The hull was almost completely restored about two years ago. Unfortunately it has been left out to the elements now for two winters and not properly stored. As for the inside planking it will have to be completely redone as there are parts that feel soft when I walk on it. The up side to this is that the whole boat would then be exposed to see all potencial issues. Thanks for the quick feed back. Vernon
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