1952 Orlando Clipper Speedster - Steering Cable connection behind steering wheel

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Stuman, May 7, 2020.

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    It looks to have been wrapped around 4 times. If your steering wheel is off center, you will need more cable out one side or the other before you wrap them around the steering drum, you can either figure that out or trial and error it. You could also hold the motor in place straight forward and start on one side fully hooked up to the motor and then go to the steering pulley and then to the other side of the motor.
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    Thank you, I will hopefully get my boat back in the water soon. It has been sitting since 1996
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    Usually you start with a longer than necessary cable. After you adjust the tension, center the engine and clamp the ends, cut off the tails.
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    That is what it looks like to me also. As for swages, any good chandlery should have the fittings and equipment, and most will do it for a fee (insurance) or let you use the tools if you bought the hardware there.
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