1947 Steel Sailboat on the hard

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by underseahunter, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Guess you can insulate either way as long as the epoxy is there to protect. The repairs you did most likely werent properly protected by epoxy and I definetly wouldnt recommend applying sprayfoam or rigid board insulation to steel without first epoxy coating. Looking at the interior frames, how would you go about insulating around them to isolate the metal from transmitting cold as well as hanging the interior paneling?

    Thinking if I were using 2" rigid board, it would go over the frames and line up with the wood furring fastened to the frames for the interior panel attachements (no direct metal to metal contacting the interior) . This would leave a big gap of whatever the frame width is but, at same time allow you to weld at a later time, plenty of room for lines, and as you say observe the condition of steel eventhough it shouldnt be rusting if epoxied.

    PD, Insulating is done on buildings, cars, buses, or anywhere man needs protection when enclosed by steel and both ways have thier proponents.
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    I hope you really like the shape of that hull, because it would probably be cheaper to build a new boat, and you would get exactly what you want. Buying something in good condition would be by far the cheapest way to go, likely only 10 or 20% of the cost of getting that boat back together.

    And be careful of internet advice, I could be mistaken but I believe at least one of the posters in this thread has never done any offshore or long term sailing, much less built or restored a successful steel boat.

    I have very little steel experience, but having gone through the process of re-fitting a boat from bad condition (though much better than the one you have) can tell you it is not a money saver. Currently I am about $15,000 into a boat that could sell for $5-6000 on a good day.

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    how's it going

    I was born in 1947 I am building a 38 foot Bueller new in my shop it has never had a drop of rain on it was pre sandblasted and prime Zinc. I admire your ambition I lately feel overwhelmed with what I have left to do foam or not to foam deck fasteners weld stainless to the deck or not was there s.s. welded on the deck that did the test of time? I am curious about your project how about an update scrap or rebuilt?
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