1942 ketch

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    1942 ketch John Hanna

    My wife and I are in the procss of purchashing and bringing to Mobile Bay a 1942 ketch. I believe that it may be a John Hanna designed Gulfweed. She is 33' on deck with a 7' bowsprit and 11.3 beam, 4.7 draft made in Wilmington, CA. Her US Documentation number is 260964. Recieved a little damage to the bow during hurricane Charlie.
    Would like to know more about Gulfweed's and John Hanna designs. Have scoured the net with little luck.
    Have some pic's at: http://www.gulftel.com/boomer/Leeway1.jpg Change Leeway1 to 2, 3, 4 or 5 also pic's at:
    http://www.gulftel.com/boomer/PICT0021.jpg Change PICT0021 to 25, 40 thru 46 or 48 for additional views.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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