1928 steel lifeboat sailboat conversion and freeboard

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by newindustar, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Buying old boats is not safe, it's insane......:D

    There’s lots of stuff with that boat and it sounds (not necessarily believed) like the work done was good. It may be a good buy but of course that depends on final cost. Many of the details would be personal choice, it depends also on what the intended use is. If I was heading off around the world I would not want deck stepped masts, in-mast furling, hood roller furler, long “pitchy” looking aft overhang, etc……but as I say these are pretty personal choices. I would not believe pictures taken 5 years ago……go and look for yourself or get a current survey done by someone working for you and no one else.
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    48 ft LOD, it's a big boat. How much experience do you have of boat projects? Very easy to underestimate the work and costs necessary to get her sailing again, though as Tad said, there is a lot with it.
    To my eye, the pilot house doesn't suit the style or age of the hull and I think those windows and the furling rig make her unsuitable for off-shore sailing. I feel a bit suspicious that it wasn't necessary to change more hull plate...though maybe some has been changed before?
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    it would be for day sails up and down Chicago lakefront. I have not redone boats before, but I can build most anything from scratch and find that to be rewarding.

    I would try to make the inside spacious/beneteau like. I am not an ower of a larger sailboat now so I have no idea of those headaches.

    EBay, gotta love it for buying stuff you don't really need, but that is a risk and adventure too.

    My biggest worries, Mechanically, dual tillers, engine, new routing of the mechanicals, the "big stuff" if you will is not up to snuff.

    I would turn it into a slow moving yacht for sailing and staring at the Chicago skyline going by.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Pass on it--just too old--too big-- too unconventional in construction to an unknown design.
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    Pass on it. It's a long way to transport from Oregon to Chicago!

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    My little Lifeboat Project needs help...

    Hi Everybody,

    I have an 21 lifeboat (made in NY in 1955) riveted steel hull. I bought it from a fisherman. she was well used for fishing for 20+ years in aegean sea between Greece and Turkey. When i bought it it was already a converted lifeboat. I try to furnish it according to my needs and the outcome was not quite satisfying. now i am taking it out for repairs and some extension. I have some pictures of the boat attached. I plan to strip everything inside, extend by 3 - 3,5 feet, restructure a low cabin on front, raise the deck for draining directly into sea. I have an 27hp 3cyl diesel already installed but somehow the boat can not make more than 4 knots. I would like to ask the experienced ones here;

    - do you advise to extend the lenght? (I have welding capabilities.)

    - on the certification it says certified for 30 people corresponding 75kg x 30 = 2250kg of ballast. I have stability problems. If i arrange a total load of 2250 kg will my problem be solved?

    - I can make 3d drawings myself. where should i try to locate the Centre of gravity after all equipmants are in place?

    - refer to 2nd question, should i extend the keel downwards to create more stabiliy?

    PS: I will be taking her out in my yard in a few days i can post more pictures of the current water line. Beige boat is the condition, when I got it.

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