18ft trailerable yacht

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by stubby, May 10, 2010.

  1. ned
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    ned Junior Member

    i was looking at getting an old eighteen footer and building a cabin on top and giving it a keel. for you you could use the small rig, take off the racks, and add a keel
  2. Cheesy
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    No, the small rig is still too big for that, you still need racks and or traps. The other problem is that adding a keel puts a lot of load on the rest of the boat that it wasnt designed for. I can sell you one if you want!
  3. stubby
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    stubby Junior Member

    Thats not really what I want. I want the challenge of designing the thing and if I ever have the cash maybe building one.
  4. Sail IC
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    Evolution vs. clean sheet approach.

    I think very few even professional designs out there are a complete clean sheet design but rather an evolution of an existing design.

    Given above, here is what I would do.

    1, Do a detailed specificaion of your boat. This should include not only measurements but also what objectives your boat should fulfill, budget and material choices.

    2, Search for exisiting designs/boats that come as close as possible to your target specifications.

    3, Modify/combine the designs to get your final design closer to your target specifications.

    As an example, this is how I got about for my last boat. Objectives:

    - High performance sportsboat
    - Be able to sail and race on club level single handed up to 20 knots wind
    - Sail mostly single handed but also be able to take on a friend/child.

    There is no exisiting boat that fulfills above objectives. I didn't want to build something (different from you), so I search for existing boats which I could do as small modifications as possible. In so, I listed some target measurements on the boat.

    - Around 18 feet long
    - Easily driven hull with as small sails as possible
    - Self taking jib
    - Gennaker with a chute (aka tunnel)
    - Raced in original way with as few people as possible preferable two
    - Self righting after potential capsize

    After searching the market I found that the RS K6 came closest to above. I did following changes:

    - Fitted a trapeze to equal original RM of two people hiking.
    - Changed gennaker halyard and pole control lines to the bak of the cockpit

    The result is a boat that is faster than the original and I can race it in tight manouvers including using the gennaker in wind speeds up to 20 knots.

    Cheers and have fun

  5. goprisko
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    goprisko New Member

    Use an aluminum plate for the CB...

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