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18 Foot Catamaran

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Apollo Marine Group, Jun 3, 2022.

  1. Apollo Marine Group
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    Apollo Marine Group New Member

    18 Foot Catamaran Mold
    Completely retooled and refinished by Apollo Marine. AAA Grade finish, waxed and production ready. Only one part pulled since retooling. Builds a very popular great running boat that has been around for decades. Selling HULL MOLD ONLY and no boat, hardware, accessories, or additional tooling. Mold is framed with lumber in good condition on steel casters and very easy to load and transport. Great platform for a niche market and great potential. Happy to answer any additional questions!

    $20,000 USD

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  2. Jeandupont
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    Jeandupont Designer/Boatbuilder

    Hello, could you send more informations about this mould to jean@explorer-brands.com
    What brand is the last manufacturer of this model, location where the molds are, lamination schedule, specs etc.. To see the viability costs for this model.
  3. Apollo Marine Group
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    Apollo Marine Group New Member

    To my knowledge the last manufacturer of this hull design is Carolina Cat (absorbed by World Cat I believe) but I cannot confirm they used this exact mold. This is the 18 Caracal.

    18x8, wide beam incredibly roomy boat. Very stable. I do not have a lamination schedule for you as ours is very overkill for a specific purpose and not how most manufacturers would build. Mold located in Clearwater FL.
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