16ft surf launchable plywood boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Paul D, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Paul D
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    Paul D Junior Member

    Think the outrigger float ama can be built more buoyant so u can build a platform on the outrigger arms to stand up on or sit on...but i could imagine it being a nuisance on the odd occassion....
  2. rmarsh
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    rmarsh New Member

    You mentioned some Bateau designs...so I thought I would show my modified Bateau Classic 17.....I eliminated the small cuddy on the bow and made it an open layout with a center console.
    The high freeboard and cockpit depth make it safer than the lower sheer designs imo. I also like the enclosed transom...like when entering my local harbor in a following sea.

    Resized_20171022_133444(1).jpg c17.jpg
  3. IronPrice
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    In Hawaii they catch some pretty decent pelagic fish from them. Tuna, ono, mahi etc. Just have to get the fish on the right side I guess.

  4. fallguy
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    I built my canoe amas based on Dierking's amas. Great concept. fishing and sailing are not my idea of a good time
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