1600LBS (heavy) engine

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by Danielsan, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Danielsan
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    Danielsan Amateur designer-builder?

    what about putting in a 1600LBS heavy engine?
    As some know I am designing a planning daycruiser about 7.42m LOA.

    I just not know what engine I schould put in NON-MARINE. I started out with a 240lbs BMW 2,4TDS engine bu not enough HP, then an Audi 2.5TDI V6 with 220HP, To get to a perkins 1200lbs heavy one with 180HP and I found a volvo B10 bus engine 280HP (continous RPM 2000-2200) turbo Diesel with heaps of torque but weighing 1600lbs.

    Someone thinks this can work?
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    If the hull was designed for the usual American marinised V8 car engine (about 800lb with tranny) an extra 800 lbs is only 4 folks.

    If the boat had great tankage to feed the 20gph beast (200hp) you mifht get away with lower tankage as diesel is a bit more efficent at fuel use.

    What HP do you feel you need to cruise?

    Some of the Cummins noisy pickup truck engines can be re injected and fitted with high HP (low service life) computer chips.

  3. Danielsan
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    Danielsan Amateur designer-builder?

    needed HP?

    some time ago on another thread, some posted XLS sheet with "savitski"power prediction.

    It came up to 250-300 HP to get my design cruising 35kts. In the meanwile the design has changed a bit and it would maybe bring down hp I did't run the prog yet.

    I even thought about making the drivetrain more like a surface-drive this should reduce hp a bit?

    Originally there is no motor defined, so I can go almost to any kind of engine.
    Fuel(diesel) tanks for now are designed 2 x 137Litres should be enough for cruising a day or so. A bus using that engine weighing 10ton consumes about 30 litres a 70 miles I hope this will fal down as I don't need all that power.

    An engine I liked but way to expensive for a home project the volvo KAMD300
    280HP weighing 1200lbs i suppose the extra 400lbs wont make my boat sink or so.

    But what about the huge amount of torque of that bus engine, can't I use that somehow?

    O and sorry what about the cummins truck diesels you mentioned?


    Daniel Peeters

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