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16' Sport-Concept Fiberglass Fisher/Flats Mold Set

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by MasonHoldings, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. MasonHoldings
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    MasonHoldings New Member

    This boat is meant to be widely-adaptable to a variety of uses, but was intended from inception to outperform most flats-fishing boats and Boston Whaler type concepts presently in the marketplace. Boat has been designed with all the latest components taken directly from the most recent trade shows.

    A few key features:
    -No wood used in construction whatsoever
    -Foam Core Transom
    -Foam filled between inner and outer hulls
    -Fiberglass stringers
    -Fiberglass hatches and doors
    -Countersunk and recessed Stainless-Steel pop up hardware throughout boat
    -Countersunk and recessed LED lighting throughout boat
    -Built-in Live-Well with aerator
    -Loads of storage space
    -19 gallon built-in fuel tank
    -Sump Bilge system

    Sale will include:
    Complete mold set including -
    -Foam Mold
    -2 styles of deck liners
    -Center console molds
    -Molds for all hatches and doors
    -Sourcing for all applicable components needed for the manufacture of completed boat

    We DO have a completed demo located in Fort Lauderdale, FL that is available for rides/evaluation and is available for purchase with the molds if needed.

    Asking price for this mold set is 16,500 USD.

    I will check in on this thread as often as possible to answer any questions - contact masonholdings@gmail.com directly with offers, to request pictures, or to schedule a test ride.

    Some photos of the completed demo boat.

    From front, with the bimini top up

    The Control Center

    Rear View

    Center console view - note the built in tackle box

    Hull Shot

    More Storage

    Other side of center console - fishing pole storage and fire extinguisher

    Rear Seat
  2. Bemkegmad
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    Bemkegmad New Member

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