150mm pvc pipe

Discussion in 'Materials' started by jgfish, Jan 18, 2007.

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    That seems like the way to go then, Jgfish.

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    In the US, pipes come in different schedules, like 10,40,80. Schedules dictate the burst pressure tolerances. As pipes get wider, the same thickness wall has more tension and is more likely to burst, so you will notice that wider pipes have greater wall thicknesses to meet the same schedule.

    This has to do with the Law of LaPlace (who, incedentally, was no match for Pascal) and is a theory worth dedicating to memory. Being a rednecked hillbilly who wants to propel himself around the swimhole on a floating beer cooler does not preclude a quick "google" of this Law to get you some learnin'.

    You need to look at what pipe you have, check its schedule and wall thickness. We will all learn somethin'.

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