12m catamaran costs

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Richard & Diane, May 8, 2006.

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    Want to build a 12m alloy catarmaran can anyone give advice on the sale price after completion. Will this be a good investment.
    To be designed by a marine acchitect from a proven design
    Vessell will be used for semi liveaboard with ocean going capabilities
    Will have max cabin space available
    Twin 80HP desiel shaft drives
    Hulls will be semi displacement
    Look of boat will be classic style with no fly bridge
    Have 30 yrs fabrication experience but this will be first boat project
    We have owned a 34 ft steel cruiser for 3 yrs
    Have own workshop space available to build
    Any help will be appreciated
  2. frosh
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    Hi Richard & Diane, Generally boats are like motor cars, not good investments except boats can be worse as the market is much smaller for any given specific model or type. You would be competing against secondhand but little used (immaculate) boats that someone else would be willing to take a considerable loss on, as they have now realised that the boat is not really something that they would use after the initial love affair is over.
    This advice is of a general nature and I have not been through the same exercise, however check out the used boat market first before making your decision.
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  3. waikikin
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    Boats are good investments if u put plenty of enjoyable hours on those diesels & have heaps of fun on them.Maybe ask one of our multi focused brokers on what might have the best value for resale or build to survey & jump thru some A.T.O. hoops to get an "angle" on ownership.12 M cats seem to range in price from $150K to $600K, somehere in the middle might be a fair guess, very dependant on final quality of finish & fit out/ engines ,recreational game fishers seem to be some of the happyest to spend kinda customers 'cos they pour tonnes of fuel through some of those flybridge jobs but might also[unwisely?] want more ego strokin' POWER than your thinkin' of installing.Regards from Jeff.
  4. Richard & Diane
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    Richard & Diane Junior Member

    Thanks for the comments we will go away and do some more research

  5. Project 3040
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    12M Power cat?

    Not sure if one is allowed to punt a designer but anyway have a look at http://www.lavranosyachtdesign.co.nz/ and speak to Angelo. Your end of the world. Just a bit East!! He designs in all build materials and will be able to advice you profesionally. I assume this is a power cat only. Regards
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