12217-2 Second edition 2013-03-01 : minor errata in STIX ?

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    I am working through assessment (for my own Corbin 39) per the details of the 2nd edition of 12217-2 Second edition 2013-03-01 and think I may have found a minor errata in the STIX worksheets. Could anybody comment on this.

    In the Annex J worksheets, in worksheet 7, the two masses (displacements) of interest are mMO and mLA. These are in accordance with the description given in Principles Of Yacht Design, 2nd ed, by Larsson and Eliasson. The mMO and mLA notation holds true all the way through the calculation of the individual factors, and then in the very last table where one calculates the STIX itself (bottom of p75 in my copy), the notation changes to be mMO and mLDC.

    Q1. Is this simply an errata ? Should the final table also be mMO and mLA ?
    Q2. Is this also an indication that there has in the past been debate about which are the load cases that are interesting from the perspective of STIX assessment, and that during committee discussions the mLDC case was one of the two thought to be most interesting, or even that it ought to be assessed as the least STIX calculated after investigating all the possible cases given by all the defined displacement ?

    I am using the second edition because I have been able to lay my hands on a copy, gratis. Out of interest is there any substantive change in the 3rd edition, or for that matter can anyone comment on whether the 4th edition (which I see from the ISO website is likely in committee stage) is going to contain any significant changes.

    (I have some other queries to come, but it is probably best to do things one at a time. I am of course following on from the work most generously done by Dolfiman, which can be seen on the Corbin 39 website)

    regards, pb/David
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