12 volt invertors

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by whitepointer23, Dec 20, 2011.

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    i am looking at getting an invertor to charge my laptop and run a television on my boat. i noticed that modified sine wave models are a lot cheaper than pure sine wave. is the modified sine wave suitable for what i want. thanks in advance for replies.
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    Cheap invertors will work with most electronic these days because such items have superior power supplies in them that land up inverting to a high quality DC voltage.

    Downside is some items will reject a crappy Sine wave and not operate. Other power supplies create extra heat but my all time biggest hate would be the noise that some appliances make with poor sin wave.
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    Yeah, they work fine. A minor nuisance is their frequency isn't accurate either, so anything that counts cycles for time keeping might drift by 20 minutes a day. I keep a 150 watt fanless inverter for most uses, and have a 300 watt fan cooled job as a backup. The only thing I need the 300 for is my rapid charger for lithium batteries. My LCD tv draws 30 watts. DVD player is 6 watts. Both are Samsung.

  4. whitepointer23

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    thanks, i will go for the modified sine wave.
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