12 meter modern classic

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by container, Feb 23, 2024.

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    Disclaimer: Im not a boat designer. this is purely a hypothetical design of a hull shape ive been thinking about for a while.

    What do the homies reckon? 40 foot gentlemans day racer with fairly aggressive "modern classic" styling and a hint of powder horn sheerline.

    4600kg light ship, foam/glass construction, no standing headroom, would say around 2.2-2.5m draught, ~950kg on the bulb, sensible aspect ratio on the fin so the helmsman doesnt have to be nathan outteridge to keep it in the groove upwind, and maybe a splash of water ballast cause im not paying for it.

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    Nice object. Two quick questions come to mind:
    - What is the purpose of that stern thrown backwards?
    - What advantages can be expected from having the center of buoyancy so far forward?
    Thanks for your explanations.
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    She got no hips! Add two or three feet of waterline beam around station 3.

    The reason few boats have water ballast is because it is so bloody expensive to implement. Cubes cost a great deal on a boat. Lead hidden out of the way is free. Water ballast is at least 10 times as expensive as lead because of where you have to put it (except for bow and stern tanks for trim.)

    Hips, I say.
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    In large sailboats it is complicated

    But on small sailboats (=< 1 Ton) it is simply superb: a great effect by moving the center of gravity AND at the same time increasing Displacement, and it can be very cheap: two electric pumps and drain in the cockpit, with the cockpit floor at +10-15 cm above LWL, and the ballast tanks just above a low 'chine' at the same +10-15 cm.
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