100ft carbon sloop Comanche - absolutely awesome!

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by daiquiri, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Wild oats has 9 years sailing to learn to optimiz it. Commanche had 9 days to figure it out.

    The Commanche crew hasn't even settled on sail design or selection yet. It will take at least a year before the boat is up to its potential speed.
  2. water addict
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    True, but looking at the two hulls, I bet Comanche has a bit of a rougher go of it with the true wind forward of the beam in a seaway. And that won't change regardless of prep time.
  3. Doug Lord
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    Comanche vs DSS

    I'm thinking that a relatively narrow 100 footer designed from scratch for DSS would beat Comanche in almost any condition.
  4. JosephT
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    Good to see these two big yachts slugging it out & congrats to Wild Oats. I'll bet they'll give Comanche another round or two to see if crew training & some other tweaks will help improve overall VMG.

    Time & Speed

    Wild Oats
    28 Dec, 03:03:26 PM

    28 Dec, 03:52:44 PM

    Ref: http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/standings/

  5. Kapteeni Kalma
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    I believe the wide-body boats will deliver soon in Sydney-Hobart. Loyal was leading the race temporarily this year, as well as previous year. Comanche did the same.
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